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#ifndef _UTILS_BASE_
#define _UTILS_BASE_
/* Header file for nagios plugins utils_base.c */

/* This file holds header information for thresholds - use this in preference to 
   individual plugin logic */

/* This has not been merged with utils.h because of problems with
   timeout_interval when other utils_*.h files use utils.h */

/* Long term, add new functions to utils_base.h for common routines
   and utils_*.h for specific to plugin routines. If routines are
   placed in utils_*.h, then these can be tested with libtap */

#define OUTSIDE 0
#define INSIDE  1

typedef struct range_struct {
      double      start;
      int   start_infinity;         /* FALSE (default) or TRUE */
      double      end;
      int   end_infinity;
      int   alert_on;         /* OUTSIDE (default) or INSIDE */
      } range;

typedef struct thresholds_struct {
      range *warning;
      range *critical;
      } thresholds;

range *parse_range_string (char *);
int _set_thresholds(thresholds **, char *, char *);
void set_thresholds(thresholds **, char *, char *);
void print_thresholds(const char *, thresholds *);
int check_range(double, range *);
int get_status(double, thresholds *);

/* All possible characters in a threshold range */
#define NP_THRESHOLDS_CHARS "0123456789.:@~"

char *np_escaped_string (const char *);

void die (int, const char *, ...) __attribute__((noreturn,format(printf, 2, 3)));

/* Return codes for _set_thresholds */

/* a simple check to see if we're running as root.  
 * returns zero on failure, nonzero on success */
int np_check_if_root(void);
/* and a helpful wrapper around that.  it returns the same status
 * code from the above function, in case it's helpful for testing */
int np_warn_if_not_root(void);

 * Extract the value from key/value pairs, or return NULL. The value returned
 * can be free()ed.
 * This function can be used to parse NTP control packet data and performance
 * data strings.
char *np_extract_value(const char*, const char*, char);

 * Same as np_extract_value with separator suitable for NTP control packet
 * payloads (comma)
#define np_extract_ntpvar(l, n) np_extract_value(l, n, ',')

#endif /* _UTILS_BASE_ */

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